Client Testimonials

We asked some of our regular clients : “Why do you use Nile Travel?”

Our relationship with Kim Lings and Nile Travel started in 2006 when we considered various options to tour Egypt. Due to certain physical limitations we wanted to know whether we would cope with the tour and that, as part of a group, we would impede the progress of others. Of all the agencies we spoke to, Kim with her personal experience and knowledge of Egypt, gave us the most satisfactory answers and said that she was confident that we would have few, if any problems. We had no difficulty in choosing Nile Travel as our agent and we were happy that we did so.

It is now twelve years later, covering some 19 countries and many of our travel dreams and hopes have been realised. The Giza Pyramids, Petra, Machu Picchu, Taj Mahal, Great Wall of China and Angkor Wat, to name a few, have been ticked off our “Bucket List”. We have slept under the stars in the Sahara, stayed in a cave hotel in Cappadocia and clambered up steep steps to reach Intihuatana in Machu Picchu. None of this would have been achieved without the excellent planning and attention to detail by Nile Travel.

Thinking back to our reservations about physical limitations we can now confidently ask - “what limitations?”

Thanks you Kim and Nile Travel, you are our dream converter and we have no hesitation in recommending Nile Travel to anyone who wishes to travel abroad.

Yours in pursuit of wonders,

Grahame & Cathy Wiggill  

Dear Kim 🙂 I wish to thank you and your people in Egypt from the bottom of my heart - this trip exceeded all my expectations! Ramadaan was already waiting for us on arrival, and Ahmed (Memo) was simply awesome! We could not really imagine the whole trip without him.....he was funny, very accommodating and extremely knowledgeable. We are all soooo tired as you can imagine! We had very little sleep but got to see all that there was to see in the 2 days! The restaurant at the hotel created a special vegan meal for me on saturday night, and the sunday morning breakfast at the main restaurant was simply delightful! Ramadaan managed to organise me a double room as well, which was quite awesome 🙂  I have already posted a few pics on my facebook page, and will definitely highly recommend your services to anybody interested in visiting that part of the world!

Kind regards, Heila Nicolin

We are regular clients of Nile Travel because you always go beyond the call of duty. You are completely reliable and we know that even if something goes wrong (which does happen on holidays) we can rely on you to help us sort it out. You also have a great attention to detail and anticipate any possible problems before they happen. We greatly value the personal service and appreciate the time you take to understand what it is we want and then deliver it. You also take the time to see us personally when you hand over our final tickets and itineraries which makes us feel like valued customers. We have built a relationship over the years and  always feel like you are part of our team when we are planning holidays and you offer the best advice for a great holiday. Your personal experience counts for a lot. We hope to have many more years of travelling together.


Megan Coupethwaite

We consider ourselves extremely lucky to have found Nile Travel in 2010,   when we were looking to do a tour of Egypt and Jordan.  Before even leaving on the trip, we were inspired by Kim’s professionalism and organisational skills.  The trip proved that we were right – we had an unforgettable journey.  Kim was always on hand to provide a personal service and to make sure all the arrangements went off smoothly.  Nothing was ever too much to ask.   Since then, we have used Kim to make all our travel arrangements.  We have had some really tough moments in our travels, such as being stuck in Ushuaie at the bottom of South America a couple of days before Christmas.  No problem to Kim, she sorted us out in a jiffy and we were on our way back home.  In 2014 we went on another trip with Nile Travel to South East Asia.  We had a busy itinerary and again, everything was handled with the utmost professionalism and personal service.   Yet another unforgettable experience.   What makes the difference between Nile Travel and the rest?   Kim has personally been to all the places where Nile Travel  operates, so there is nothing anyone can teach Kim about travel.  Kim has travel down to a fine art.

Lindsay & Leo van der Wiele, Hilary Wilton

We are regular clients of Nile Travel. Nile Travel is a truly professional service provided which ensures that travelling even to remote parts of the world is an awesome experience. Our travels have thus been stress free as Nile Travel organizes everything and attends to details leaving us to enjoy the experience. I particularly enjoy the small groups as one is not lost in the masses and every individuals needs can thus be met. In addition, ample free time is organized to do your own thing.

Nile Travel selects very good quality accommodation, returning to your hotel after a full and busy day is something to look forward to. Optional extras ( as far as possible)  are included in the travel cost and Nile Travel takes care of gratuities (what a pleasure).

Nile Travel makes sure that the must see sights are visited, but also makes sure that we see and do the extras that " normal " tourists do not get to experience. I enjoy the balance between cultural experiences, getting to really " live" the people and shopping. Nile Travel investigates the destination, either by visiting it or doing the research to ensure that what there is to see is in fact visited.

I just love travelling with Kim as a person, but I do know we are fortunate to be able to do that as I know Kim cannot accompany all her clients!

Dina Taljaard

For the past 8 years we have done all our travelling arrangements and bookings through Nile Travel. During this time we have only received excellent advice and service. This has been especially important when we have had to ask Nile Travel to rearrange our travel itineraries due to unexpected strikes and cancellations.

We wholeheartedly recommend Nile Travel to anyone wishing to travel.

Laszlo & Marianna Boksan

I use Nile Travel because the tours are very well researched, which results in all the important and interesting places and events being visited. The tours are extremely well organised and the tour guides are carefully selected. Accommodation is excellent, and the tours are good value for money.

Pieter Taljaard

Thank you so much for everything.  You were wonderfully patient and caring for us in the planning of our trip for Turkey. It was a perfect 10 days.  Every single thing went according to plan. Every hotel and guide surpassed our expectations. The transfers were always on time, the drivers were good and the vehicles clean and new.  The intinerary was just right and your advice on what we should do and see was excellent.  We never felt under pressure, and felt that we had seen and done all the things we needed to, to get a good idea of the places we visited and a feel for Turkey and its history. We also felt we had an idea about Turkish people, their diverse views on their politics, the importance of family in their lives and their deep patriotism.

Mustapha is an amazing man and his Ephesus Boutique Hotel is outstanding.  I have already recommended it (and you) to everyone I have seen who might visit the area! Our room was big and comfortable and his food was very good and generous. He has such kind staff and everyone made us feel welcome and special.  I did two 'tours' of his garden with Mustapha - what a paradise he has created there on the mountainside with his flowers, vegetables, happy, fat chickens. We were very happy with him and would love to go back one day.  He was also incredibly caring about our comfort and peace of mind about the trip after we left telling us to phone us if we had the slightest worry or problem.  We did not need to contact him at all, because as I said, everything went absolutely according to plan.

Our guides were well informed and went out of their of their way to tell us about what we were seeing, answered all our questions, and were real fun to be with. Each one allowed us a glimpse of their own lives and into their Turkey. Turks love their country and with reason. In Ephasus our guide grows special tulips of which he is very proud and after we went to the carpet factory he told us about his family carpet which is another of his great loves. These little personal touches bring the country a little closer, which you don't get if you travel independently. We had a lovely two hour walk through the village and along the road on our last morning seeing the spring flowers, a man ploughing a field with a horse and ancient plough, and a huge children's birthday party at a restaurant a couple of kilometers down the road with all the grannies, parents and children having such fun. We find these little things very special.

Cappadocia was just as good. Our Guide, Aygon, was bright and strong and very interesting.  On the second day when we had asked about walks she deviated a little from the itinerary (having checked with her office) and took us on a superb walk which was a real highlight. She asked if we were doing the balloon ride, and was quite happy when I said no, but the look on her face showed me that she was disappointed and felt it would be a real shame to miss it.  So I decided to go and she booked it. WOW - I am so glad I did.  Clem did not, thank goodness, as he would never have had got in or out of the basket!! I am not a nervous person and was not in the least bit anxious, but one look at the competent people running it all would immediately have laid any fears to rest. It was totally professional and the greatest fun. All their staff obviously love what they do and made all of us feel they really cared that we enjoyed it, and celebrated our achievement with champagne in the newly planted onion field we landed in. It was all brilliant.

Our hotel was interesting and the owner took me around the new rooms he is just digging out of the mountain! I watched a man expertly carving a decorative 'headboard' out of the rock - the design drawn freehand and showing such skill in cutting and sanding the shapes emerging from the rock!  We just loved the decoration of our room which was so over the top I sent photos to all our children. 'Steamy' said my Hong Kong son. The bed cover was bright purple satin, quilted and on all the seams decorated with pearls, with three matching cushions on top. The chaise long was purple velvet with large diamond studs and had silver and purple satin cushions, and there was also a purple chair. There was a matching purple and red carpet on the floor. It was extremely comfortable and we just loved being in such a very different place! The owner is not a young man, but he bounds up and down the four floors with great enthusuasm. I have never seen anyone work so hard and I hope for his sake he gets a younger relative to help him when all his new rooms are commissioned as I don't know where he finds the energy to do what he is already doing! The hotel was full both nights we were there and everyone we chatted to was loving it also.

Istanbul of course is somewhere everyone needs to go. Our hotel was comfortable and the staff were lovely and attended to our every need. Our guide, Chesme, was competent, friendly and informed. He has a 45 day old baby and was somewhat sleep deprived (although that did not detract in any way from his competence). He told us that he had sent his wife and baby off to her mother for the second night we were there as he HAD to sleep. Again, a lovely personal touch into another life. What can I say - Istanbul speaks for itself. The tulips were magnificent and every green space in the city was decked out in these beautiful flowers of every color. We had a wonderful walk on our last morning over the Galata Bridge and into the little streets on the other side, away from the thronging tourists. So good to see a touch of local life.

We loved our visit to Turkey. Margaret

What a trip. Of course I had nothing to do with the planning, but it was equally perfect. Our guide, Ahmet was good and gave us all the information we wanted. Our vehicle was new and clean and our driver Mahommed was one of the best drivers I have ever been with - so important when driving such long distances.

Every place we stayed in way surpassed my expectations, the decoration in the raids with all the mosaics was such a surprise and so beautiful The country hotels and kasbahs were beautiful and comfortable and it was very interesting to see the architecture in Morocco.

I loved collecting fossils - I had no idea of this amazing phenomenon. The basins and table tops in the fossil area were made of the local marble with the ammonites and other life forms dotted all over them.  I just wanted to bring home tops for my kitchen and bathroom because they are so different! I did manage a plate which is really beautiful and more manageable when travelling and flying!

I was very glad I did not do the camel ride as the short one I did do was just as nice. I met a wonderful Nomad who led my camel and sold fossils. I had a long chat with him - what a hard life. He now lives in a village as the wells they used to visit have dried up and his way of life is gone.

I loved the trip, found the country completely absorbing and enjoyed the group Leigh had put together.

Margaret Sunter

In a very short summary, it was fantastic. We thoroughly enjoyed the trip. The arrangements were excellent and we loved the country. The biggest surprise was how friendly, polite and helpful the Israelis were, especially the authorities. We were amazed. Thank you for another wonderful holiday. You have maintained your exceptionally high standards. With best regards until next time (we can’t wait).

Rob and Meg

Treated like a King on Egypt Trip (Letter appeared in The Saturday Star Travel Section - 09 April 2011) “THINKING of going to Egypt? Then do not hesitate to give Kim Lings a call at Nile Travel.  I was the October 2010 Star Travel Club and Nile Travel winner of a trip to Egypt. Everything was so well organised from the time I boarded the plane on the 19th March to the time I disembarked on the 28th March, it was scary that it could have run so smoothly. The itinerary is precise down to the last detail. Three days before leaving I had a last minute briefing with Kim on the dos and don’ts whilst there.  Arriving at Cairo airport, I was met by a representative of Nile Travel and whisked through customs etc to board a plane to Luxor. One of many tours was organised in Luxor. A very informative guide took me around and later in the day I went to the Nile cruiser (floating hotel) for a 4 day cruise down the Nile to Aswan stopping off on the way. I then flew from Aswan back to Cairo. I stayed in the most luxurious hotel with a view of two of the pyramids from my bedroom window.  In conclusion. The guides assigned to me were very informative and are an encyclopaedia of knowledge. There were tours to numerous to mention, a hot air balloon trip that gives you a view of The Valley of the Kings, that takes your breath away.  The people of Egypt are friendly and most of them speak English. The taxis are plenty full, should you need to go somewhere. Not once did I feel threatened even acting the real tourist part with an expensive camera hanging around my neck whilst walking in the streets.”


Hi Kim, just a quick hello as life is hectic today. We got home last night so am playing catch up today. We both agree that this was the best holiday of our entire lives and we sure have done some jaunting. The special was the total super efficient organization... Thanks again and again. I will write in more detail in a few weeks and will send you a pic of my birthday cake as promised.

Regards bordering on love, Dawn

Hi Kim. A HUGE thank you for all your assistance with our Cairo trip! We had an absolutely incredible time – your agent was a pleasure to deal with, and Mariana was lovely! And of course the arrangements that you made on our behalf prior to the trip, as well as your tips and suggestions were invaluable! I can’t wait to return and explore other areas of Egypt. All the best for 2011.

Keep well, Jess

Hi Kim. Egypt was a fantastic experience and we had a great trip. As with all trips, it wasn't without it's stresses. I'm afraid I didn't handle being bumped too well, especially when being told that we may have to take a 14 hour trip home on Ethiopian airways, with a 5 hour stop at 2am on Christmas morning at Addis Abbaba airport! It was actually quite a stressful and unpleasant experience and Egypt airways didn't handle the situation too well either: we actually had to wait for 5 hours at the airport until they eventually transported us to a really awful hotel at 3am in the morning! (we were told, of course, that it was a 5-star hotel. I'm afraid it was dreadfully shoddy and this didn't help our moods because we were just tired and hungry and bleak!)  Poor Mohamed would have told you, I'm sure, that I did in fact lose my sense of humour at the airport. I felt very sorry for him having to deal with both Egyptian airways and me at the same time, but he was absolutely brilliant. Everything else was a really different and interesting experience. The tour was exceptionally well organised and very professionally handled, so thank you very much for all your hard work, Kim. We coudn't have asked for more competent or nicer guides, or for the day to day running to have been any slicker. I'm now going to open a camel farm with all the offers I've had for my daughters! Many thanks again for an amazingly well organised and executed trip.

Regards, Colleen

Hi Kim, the trip was fabulous!!! Going on a tour where there are language problems is definitely the way to go.  It was just great to have someone meet you at the airport and help you with the whole process at the airport and check in at the hotel and one can just walk in the room at the hotel and enjoy the surroundings. The Sonesta Hotel was the most luxurious, which is a good way to start, and the view of the Nile was fantastic. The Amarante was great too.  I admit that the Nile tour impressed me very much. The places, the people, the guide, the food - all exceptional. You did warn us about the hotel at Abu Simbel, I jsut did not expect so much dust and dirt. It has just potential and it looks unfinished.  But the temples and the the light and sound spectacular was just that, spectacular. The last hotel was very good and very comfortable.  It is huge and the best thing, is that it is at Giza with  the view of the pyramids. Thank you very much for the organization.  It really made my trip easy and hassle free. I enjoyed every minute. I will definitely recommend your agency to anyone who wants to visit Egypt. Best wishes for 2011.

Kind regards. Gianna Micilotta

Dear Kim, my family and I have recently and safely arrived back in South Africa, and we wanted to thank you so much for arranging our wonderful trip. We are very grateful to have had such a lovely experience abroad, which would not have been possible if not for you. We also wanted to commend the extreme organisation of your team in Egypt. They were all very prepared for our arrival, and we had the most hospitable tour-guides at each stage of the trip. I must make special mention of your tour-guide on the cruise, from Luxor to Aswan, Mahomed Foad. Not only was he an extremely intelligent guide, he also made our stay more comfortable by going out of his way for us by doing things like providing medicine for my sister on a day when she unexpectedly fell ill during one of the tours. Also, your tour-guide in Cairo, Mervat Hanafy, was an exceptional guide as well. She helped us along the way by providing useful advice on stores she thought we should visit, and even helped us find lovely gold jewelry cartouches. Your representative in Luxor, Abdul Latif, also deserves a special mention, as he gave us an experience of real egyptian cuisine and street-life, taking us through markets, and to a cosy restaurant. Once again, I want to thank you so much for this very pleasurable trip.

Best Wishes, Razia Hassen and family

Dear Kim, Tim and I would like to thank you so much for a most brilliant trip, we so enjoyed it.  What exceptional organisation skills you have.  Everything appeared to us to be so effortless, which I know can't be true.  You really went the extra mile for me in organising the new cartouche, I am so grateful and I will now have a present for my daughter-in-law's birthday. We so enjoyed the extra motor boat trip so we could see the birds. We thought Eman was such a marvelous guide  and so attractive and fun.  We will remember  and discuss our trip for a long time.  Tim will always remember his swim the the mermaid! Wishing you and Kevin a very happy Christmas and all the very best for 2011.

Love from us both, Margaret  and Tim Laundy

Hi Kim, Robin and I would like to thank you for a superbly organised tour – everything worked beautifully and we gained a real feel of ancient Egypt and Jordan. We will have no hesitation in recommending you wholeheartedly to who ever asks us for advice.

Olliver Ransome

Hi Kim, I’d like to thank you for organizing a truly unforgettable trip. I think I speak for all of us when I say that everything went seamlessly and there were no issues (except for the constant requests for tipping which got a bit overwhelming sometimes!). Egypt was a fantastic experience and knowing that we were well looked after gave us great peace of mind.  I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Kind regards, Harshad Bhikha

Dear Kim, we had a wonderful trip and everything was so well organised. We loved the Winter Palace and the Mena House.  The St George was outstanding and the Omal el Khayam was very good.  Nothing can equal the St George but it was nice to have a change.  It is very modern and the cabins are slightly bigger with lots more cupboard space and the swimming pool is bigger -  one can try and exercise after all the buffets! My highlight was definitely Abu Simbel.  I simply could not believe it.  We saw the sound and light and the next morning sailed at sun rise past the temples on our way back to Aswan.  I was also totally overwhelmed by the Egyptian Museum. Our guide in Cairo - Marianne was by far the best - she really went out of her way and also her knowledge was way above the others.  It all seemed to go in a flash - you are definitely kept on the go.  I am saturated with information! Many thanks for all your hard work.

Regards, Heather

Hi Kim, thank you for a fabulous trip, it was an amazing experience and even better than I anticipated.  I’m amazed at how well organised our trip was - you are good at this.

Letty Johnstone

Dear Kim,,I can't believe our much anticipated trip to Egypt and Jordan is now over and I am back at work sifting through piles of emails.

I hope you had a great holiday, Christmas and New Year and I hope that 2011 is a great year for yourself and Kevin.,I just really wanted to say a very big thank you for everything you did to make our holiday one of the most memorable trips ever.  Every little detail was thought of and every bit of organisation went off without a hitch - which must have been an incredible amount of work and effort for a group our size.,And Eman - well - she has infected me with a complete fascination for Ancient Egypt.  Her passion and enthusiasim is absolutely amazing.

Cheers for now,Lindsay Van Der Wiele

Dear Kim, Just wanted to let you know that we had an incredible time in Egypt! Our guide in Cairo, Mariana Sheta, and our driver, Khalid, were beyond fabulous. I have to say they were both very, very exceptional and went out of their way to insure our safety, comfort, and good time. They always had water for us, snacks, little gifts, and plenty of smiles. Everywhere we went, they watched where we stepped so as not to fall (my 91 year old mother always warns us watch out where you don't want to fall on a trip!) and made us feel so safe and secure in their presence. Please forward this on to the people they work for as they deserve the compliments. They were the BEST we had and deserve the recognition. I would try to secure them for every one of your cairo guests, if possible! Thanks did a great job and we enjoyed it so much!!

Best, Marilyn and Don

Dear Kim. I’m sorry that you are only hearing from me now, but it’s been very difficult adjusting to my work-life after a month abroad!  It’s also been a particularly busy start to a hectic year! Thank you so much for organising a brilliant tour of Egypt for us.  Everything went smoothly without a single hitch.  We loved every minute of it, even getting up at crack of dawn to do the hot air balloon trip!  I wouldn’t have missed it for all the world (vertigo and all!). We thought that Abdallah was an excellent guide and he spoke very highly of you when he learnt we were with Nile Travel.  I told him I’m sure you ensured we got him as a guide because he is simply the best!  He really went out of his way to look after us.  We found him incredibly knowledgeable and a wonderful story-teller – just added to the wonderful experience of Egypt. I’m attaching rather a nice photo of him. The highlight of our trip was meeting all the special people who looked after us so well – Didi (Diaa Elarosy) from Detours is a very special man with a wonderful sense of humour and so utterly punctual and reliable.  Abdul in Luxor arranged a special horse and cart tour of the old town for us (a real delight for my architect husband, as you can imagine) and we had the added thrill of a real Egyptian dinner.  He went along with us and waited for us wherever we went and even bought us Egyptian nuts to snack on on the way – and our driver was beautiful. I’ll attach a photo of him. They both really went beyond the call of duty. We also enjoyed Wael, with his lovely sense of humour.  I also cannot heap enough praise on our driver in Cairo – he was the sweetest man, with immense caring and patience.  He even bought us water and Egyptian sweets on our way to Saqqara.  I don’t know how to spell his name, but phonetically, it’s pronounced Gellit.  Would that be spelt Khalid? Kim, I’ve sung your praises far and wide.  You are really tops.  Thank you for everything you did to ensure that we had a marvellous, memorable trip!  I’ve never travelled with such ease.  Next time Turkey?

Warm regards, Cathy

A few years back I booked a trip through Nile Travel to Egypt. Kim's service and advice were superb and I've recommended friends interested in travelling to Egypt to go to Nile Travel. They really are excellent. I'm due to travel again and rang Kim with a query. She was so exceptionally helpful, even though my booking is going to be very small (just a day trip). She didn't hesitate to provide advice, suggestions and information. As I said, this booking will be small, but you can rest assured that this won't be the only time I book with Nile Travel! I will ONLY book with Nile travel when I go to Egypt and the Middle East in Future and I recommend that you do to. Kim is amazing.

Nicki B

Dear Kim. We have been home almost a week and it has flown, mainly dealing with the devastating hail damage we had the night before we left on our trip! We discussed the most suitable adjectives we should use to describe our tour of Egypt and Jordan and agreed that nothing quite seemed to do it justice. The best we could come up with was "wondrous"!!!! We cannot thank you enough for the arrangements you made for us and the beautiful hotel rooms we wallowed in! We have absolutely no complaints! Maybe the odd suggestion but certainly no complaints!! It is a trip we would highly recommend, and have in fact already done so, and one which will remain in our minds as one of the best experiences we have had or perhaps will ever have! As a tour operator what more could you ask for??? To wallow in so many thousands of years of history was overwhelming and to be treated so well a great privilege. Some details that you might, or might not, find of use or interest! No literary merit: Mary and Tom had been met by Ramadan and were ready and waiting for us. Ramadan had waited several hours with them but we didnt find him when we arrived. Luckily we soon got our visas as you had told us and sms'd Tom to find out where they were, so no problem. Our hotel in Luxor was perfect. We were exhausted and it was ideal in providing us with the recovery we needed. Luxor had a great atmosphere and we enjoyed the horse and cart into town and to the museum.And then onto our boat which we declared "the best" of any of the boats around.We were put into a lovely group with Zudan? as our guide and thoroughly enjoyed all the information he gave us, and the fun he made with his quizzes!. He shared much of the detail of family life and brought his new wife to meet us one night. Can you believe it but at the Valley of the Queens we bumped into my cousin from England! I come from a small family and she is actually my only relative!! Even our group were bowled over by the coincidence!!! Zudan helped us arrange for them to join us for dinner at Aswan. We loved dressing up and will send a photo! Planning to wear the outfits again at fancy dress event on New Years Eve! If we were to miss anything out on this section of our trip it would be the perfume factory and maybe the Botanical Gardens, but good to experience a felluca trip. Then back to Cairo to be met by Mido. Did he tell you we were then in a car accident?? The combi skidded in rain and spun round on the highway. How it didnt roll over we never knew. We were all silent until we came to a halt straddling the central reservation. Mido was cool and calm and immediately ushered us out of the bus and into another one that had stopped to help. We left our luggage and he assured us it would be fine, which is was. We met Wale at the Cairo Museum and he took us for tea to calm us and then bustled us through the Museum in order that we soon forgot our ordeal. Both Mido and Wale acted very calmly and we soon felt better! Thanks to them we soon put it behind us.The Pyramids Hotel was fine if not a little grubby but we had been spoiled so far! Loved the Pyramids and the Solar Boat in particular. We both bought rugs at Saqqara! Ours not here yet but think its on its way! Mido took us to the market that night for supper. Seemed a long way to go but got a good glimpse of local life! The journey to St Katherines was lovely but hotel rustic as you warned us!!!!  Bob walked up Mt Sinai and the rest of us went by camel.You might think you had warned us about how cold it would be but Bob and I were not prepared for freezing, and I got quite sick with heavy cold and sore throat.Difficult to know what to tell people to take for only 24 hours but thermal, "alpine" clothes might give them a clue! We bought some items and borrowed others but were very cold. A great experience never the less. Nuweiba was a welcome sight as we were more than ready for a rest and some medical care! We had lovely rooms but it was way after 3pm before Mary and Tom got theirs, due to some mismanagement,  and she had the "runs" by then so was more than ready for her own bathroom! A restful day on the lovely beach restored us all! Beautiful spot. The ferry followed all too soon and as you know that wasnt a good day!! We left the hotel at 12.We then waited 5 hours in that disgusting waiting room with filthy loos. Then had to hoist our luggage up high onto a filthy bus where we sat for another hour before finally getting onto boat. The boat was also dirty and cold but for a one and half hour journey that didnt matter. It was chaos in arrivals in Aqaba because of masses of people going to the Haj(spelling?) and no guidance as to where to go. Eventually we were inside the building and  were met by Mohamed who had our passports (to our relief as we had no idea where they were). It would have been helpful if he were able to come closer the boat to guide us. He had been waiting since 4pm and it was now 9pm!!!  The hotel was sheer bliss but I was really ill and had to climb into bed! Mark came to meet us next day and off we went into Jordan. Enjoyed Wadi Rum and local meal and then headed off to Petra. So excited and not really knowing what to expect, we didnt expect such a big town but our hotel was yet again the height of luxury and comfort.Mark was interesting and drove us carefully and expertly. We went in to Petra that night by candelight and couldnt believe it was so far to the Treasury but what a sight, with local music: great atmosphere.Couldnt wait to see it all in daylight. We had a gorgeous guide Mahmoud (could I take him home for my daughter??) the next day and he spent 4 hours with us. He introduced us to Marguerite who wrote "Married to a bedhuin" and was the reason I wanted to see Petra: what a thrill to meet her and have photos with her. Later when he had left us we met the last beduin to live in Petra round the back of the museum in his little house and lovely garden. His family all live overseas whereas he overlooks the houses and tombs of his ancestors and doesnt plan to leave.We offered him money but he refused and we felt privileged to have met him.We spent all day in Petra and finshed the day with drinks on the roof at our hotel reliving it all.Mark wanted to take us for another Jordanian buffet but by then we fancied a pizza! Bob and I went back into Petra the next day to climb up to the Monastery and Mark came with us. I think the views of the Canyon must be as good as the Grand Canyon so I do not now need to go to USA!!! We didnt expect the drive to the Dead Sea to take all day but saw amazing mountain scenery along the way. We stopped off at Karak Castle, Madaba and Mt Nebo but with hindsight we would have given all those a miss as nothing could live up to what we had seen, and we would have preferred more time at the Dead Sea.Wow that hotel was amazing and the views spectacular. We floated in the Dead Sea the next morning and could have spent all day there and in the pool.Beautiful place, beautiful hotel and delicious food! I was overawed at the Dead Sea experience and so sad to leave! So Kim, I hope I havent bored you. I just wanted to share the highlights (there were many) and the possible parts that we would miss out(not many of these). I actually feel quite emotional when I tell you it was a trip we will never forget and one that could not have been better organised or to our liking. Many many thanks. Our friends too said they would go anywhere that I arranged as they couldnt fault it so I got praise which should really have been only directed at you!!! Keep us posted as to what you and Nile Travel are offering in the future.

Your fans, Bob and Jean

Hi Kim. Before the year has passed, I just wanted to thank you once again for a flawless and inspiring trip to Jordan. It was paced just right, as we were both a bit weary when we left.. The only gripe (our fault) was the long stop-over in Abu Dhabi!! Petra was amazing, what an awe inspiring sight!! We took your advice and Jeremy rode on the horse and Buggy, while I walked with the guide and enjoyed the sights! Our Driver, Kamel was outstanding, and an endless source of info, which he gladly imparted! He was as good or better than a guide, with a personal touch! Ever smiling and a good driver to boot. We really enjoyed him, and pass on complements to his employer. Once again, many Thanks, and hope you have a Great Year.

Kind Regards Judy and Jeremy Webb

Dear Kim, We can't thank you enough for the trip that you organized for us. It was the trip of a lifetime. We will never forget: the fertile Nile, the temple carvings of Luxor against the dusk, the bougainvillea scented air of Kom Ombo, Nubian colour washed walls with camels lifting tourists, the breathtaking splendour of Tutankhamen's treasures, conversations about Islam in a felucca, the holiness of the ancient citadel, the eerie drive through the arid landscape of Sinai, the purity of the stars at two in the morning, the gorgeous juxtaposition of sea and mountains in Dahab. We remember you told us how much you loved your job. Well, we love you for so enriching our lives with these memories. We hope to be contacting you soon so we can introduce our parents to this magical land.

Mandy, Paul and Jaron.

Dear Kim, I would just like to thank you very much for the absolutely fantastic tour you put together for my family and I. We had the most wonderful time and could not imagine how anybody manages without somebody like you organising everything. Your reps, tour guides and the drivers were all excellent.  We especially took to the Cairo Tour Guide - Nizreen, or Nana as she says everyone calls her, she was excellent and an absolute delight to spend time with.  I would highly recommend her as she was very knowledgeable and at the same time considerate of not bombarding us with too many facts, especially where we were concerned, with my children. All our accommodation was excellent and the Nile Cruise was brilliant, especially as there were only 24 people on board instead of about 120.  The only slight glitch of the entire trip was the accommodation in Abu Simbel, the hotel was not up to the same standards as all the rest (a bit rundown and dirty feeling) and perhaps we would have preferred to fly in and out the same day and not stay there, but I would not have missed out on the tour of the site, it really was amazing.  We were fortunate as there were very few people there and we were the only people in the tombs at one time. Thank you once again and I will most definitely be recommending you to anybody who even hints on visiting Egypt.

Regards, Wendy, Stephen, Leigh and Emma Rayner

I always read “TRAVEL” in the Saturday Star and for quite a while I kept finding my eye being drawn back to a simple black and white advertisement often featured in your publication, by a local company called Nile Travel.  Perhaps it was the catchy and hypnotic "Eye of Horus" logo that mesmerised me - who knows? Eventually, with my annual leave due, I decided that I would fulfil a Life-long dream to visit Egypt.  The advertisement had done its work! And so, I am writing to say that my 11-day trip to Egypt with Kim Lings, tour leader of  Nile Travel , and 18 other travellers, was simply the best trip I have ever had.   If you want outstanding organisation, a finely-planned itinerary, the knowledge and experience of a first-rate Egyptologist and tour leader, who accompany you every step of the way, five-star accommodation and a fabulous, fun-filled cruise on the beautiful Nile, then this is the way to go. This is a tour for those who are fascinated by the Ancient Egpyt of the great pharoahs, by stories and myths of Egyptian gods and goddesses, queens, kings and nobles, for those who can marvel at the genius of construction, art, carvings and beauty of the great ancient  temples of antiquity, for those who would shiver with anticipation when entering the Valley of the Kings to visit the tombs of the pharoahs and who would gasp as the size of the huge statues of Rameses the Great at Abu Simbel in the south.  And of course, there are the breathtaking treasures of the Cairo museum, (don't miss the 110 kilograms of solid gold in the form of the coffins and mask from the tomb of the boy-king, Tutankhamen, discovered by Howard Carter in 1922),  the great pyramids and Sphinx of Giza and step pyramid and necropolis at Saqqara. There is, of course, much to enjoy of modern Egypt and the huge sprawling city of Cairo with its crazy traffic, colourful souks (markets) and magnificent mosques. The Egyptians are a warm and welcoming nation and you will notice that protection is afforded everywhere to tourists by the efficient and helpful Antiquities and Tourist police in their easily recognisable red and black uniforms. The Egyptian pound is worth just slightly more that our Rand (1 EGP equal to R1.25 at today's rate), so you can do plenty of shopping and the shopping is excellent and great value for money. Insha'Allah (Arabic for "God willing", uttered reverently so often each day in Egypt) I will return one day to learn more. If you want to know more about Nile Travel, look in your Travel supplement and watch out for the Eye of Horus! PS: I am a single person and travelled very happily on my own with the group - you are very well looked after.

Saxon de Kock - letter was published in the Saturday Star Travel Section  

Hi Kim, Just a small note to tell you that we are back to Ghana and back to work. Very tired but well worth it. Thanks for the beautiful trip. It was divine and very professional. I am glad that we have done Egypt with such a team. Everything was so perfect and well scheduled. Looking forward to Turkey. Keep us aware on this one.

Regards, Micheline and Andre Lalumiere

Dear Kim, We arrived home safely yesterday morning after a wonderful trip to Egypt, Israel and Jordan. Thank you so  much for everything that you arranged for us.  We felt very spoilt by all the attention we were given.  Your agents were excellent, the guides were great and there were no glitches anywhere.  Wherever there was a problem it was sorted out immediately and no stress put on us.  The whole trip was amazingly organized and ran smoothly due to your excellent organizing. We will certainly be recommending you to anyone who wants to go to Egypt as it was the very best way to go. Wishing you and your husband a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Once again many thanks.

Best wishes Veronica and Perry Feldman

Hi Kim. I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a very Merry Xmas and all the very best for 2009. I would also like to thank you for a wonderful holiday in Egypt. Your organisation was awesome and everything ran extremely smoothly. Your choice of hotels, cruise ship and places to see were outstanding. I especially appreciated that the tour was not rushed and we were given enough time to absorb what we were seeing and hearing.  Eman was a superb guide. She was very knowledgeable and informative, as well as having a lovely personality. I consider myself very privileged to have been able to join such a well planned and run tour with such a friendly and pleasant group of people. I will be watching your web site for news of future tours.

Warm Regards Peter

Dear Kim,  Now that I have had a week or so at home to recover from our exciting though strenuous  tour of Israel and Jordan,  I just wanted to thank you for organising such a comprehensive and interesting tour, and for being so caring and concerned when looking after your more senior fellow travellers! It was greatly appreciated.  I have some wonderful photographs to remind me of all the varied  places we visited, though I must admit, that wonderful video sent by Alan Mantle makes my efforts look rather puny. Wasn’t it superb. Thank you again for an excellent trip. Keep well.

Sincerely, Barbara Little

Dear Kim. Well we are slowly settling back into our normal lives as I'm sure you are too! Alan and I just want to thank you again for the most wonderful trip to the Holy Land. I'm sure your ears are ringing all day as we are constantly singing your praises to family and friends. You have totally transformed our ideas of travelling with a group and I do hope that we will have the opportunity to join you on another  exciting adventure.  Alan sent you a video of Petra earlier today but I just wanted to add our thanks and appreciation - everything ran so smoothly and of course the cherry on the top was the birthday cake in Petra!!

Best wishes Alan and Lyn

Dear Kim, It is hard to believe that the trip to Israel and Jordan, which we looked forward to with such anticipation, has come and gone. We really enjoyed every minute of the tour and the end seemed to come so soon. The program, although hectic, afforded us the opportunity to see so many fantastic sights and interesting places, in two very fascinating countries. Your attention to detail and concern for the well-being of your tour members, once again allowed us to relax and make the most of the holiday. Touring with you is always a treat and we hope that our next adventure is not too long in coming. Thanks a million.

Kind regards, Grahame & Cathy

Hi Kim, Well I have returned to Zambia after a really beautiful, satisfying and relaxing holiday and I want to thank you for the wonderful job you did at such short notice. I agree with you choice to start in Luxor it is a fascinating place with those unbelievable temples, you read about them in books and watch the documentaries on TV but when you actually walk with the gods that is something special. Being an engineer I am left dumfounded and very very humble by the skills and quality of the workmanship the Egyptian people performed three to four thousand years ago there are no words that I know of to describe it you just have to stand there in awe and let your imagination take you back there. The cruise on the Nile was very satisfying I never imagined the Nile to be so wide and clean and fast flowing I enjoyed sitting in my room with the window open watching the daily activities of Egypt pass by, my thanks to you again this was brilliant just what I needed.  I'm glad you left Cairo until last because I'm not a city person and Cairo with its smog is not too inviting but it does not take away the amazing visit to the pyramids they are everything I imagined them to be and the visit to the tomb inside just proves the brilliance of the Egyptian designers and engineers who built this when we in Europe were still living in caves. I visited the museum and the display of Tut ankh amun is beyond incredible the workmanship. Kim thank you very much for giving me a holiday of a lifetime because that is how long I have waited to visit Egypt and with your help it is a very memorable one.

Regards Bill Howie

Hi Kim, Geoff and I would like to say a big "thank you" to you for organising such a fantastic trip for us!  We enjoyed every minute of it. Your representatives and guides were excellent, always on time and so willing to help. When I hear about some of the dramas fellow passengers had i.e.  not being met at the airport etc, I was so grateful for the way in which you organised everything for us. We were very happy with all the hotels we stayed in (the Egyptians do like glitz don't they). Our boat cruise really was a highlight. We were teamed up with a bunch of Australians and New Zealanders, and we had such fun together. The guide on the cruise was really good his name was Magid (I have his card if you are in need of a really good guide). I think I need to thank you for the flowers that I received on my birthday when we landed in Cairo from our flight from Aswan.  I was so touched when Ramadan was standing waiting for us with a lovely bunch of flowers for me. It made my day because it was so unexpected. On our last day in Cairo our taxi driver and Wael the Cairo guide gave me a cartouche for my birthday, I wondered whether you had arranged that as well or whether it was purely their idea? These little gestures really made my day special. Thank you once again for a trip of a lifetime. Sometimes when one looks forward to something it turns out to be a bit of an anticlimax, well not this time.

Regards Merri

Dearest Kim. I am writing these lines to you in full gratitude and awe for the way you had our trip to Egypt organised. My 6th sense was right as always when I was led to your web page on the Internet and just had this knowing it was the right tour operator to go for! As you well know, Gotthard and me are very seasoned travellers and I can say with confidence that this trip for us was one of the best we were privileged to experience in our 35 years of seeing the world! From beginning to end it was enjoyment, fun, and learning. Thank you, thank, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for keeping your promise and making it a time to remember for the rest of our lives!

In Love and Light Maria & Gotthard Pache

Hi. This correspondence is just a belated thank you for a trip to Egypt that was exceptionally well organized and filled with fond and everlasting memories. The quality of the accommodation and especially the cruise was nothing short of exceptional – the only exception being the Sheraton in Luxor which I felt to be below par. Fortunately, the stay there was too short to compromise the quality of the holiday. The other South Africans on board the cruise were excellent company, and could not have been better chosen. Certainly I will make use of services again in the near future.

Many thanks Riyaaz Mohamed

Dear Kim. Sorry not to have written sooner. I think up picked up a bug on the return flight Cairo-Jo'burg (there was a lot of coughing throughout the flight) and I developed bronchitis a few days later, thankfully now thrown off. The Tour was wonderful - all I expected and more. Eman Bahaa is a real treasure - as well as her prodigious knowledge and skill in sharing it, she was a wonderful guide and host and made sure that we all got value for money at all times, in the hotels and at the visits to sites, shops and markets. Arrangements meant the time of the scheduled visit to Cairo Museum was far too short for me personally, and Eman arranged that I did a second visit while the group visited the carpet factory, all at no cost to me and much appreciated. That was just a personal example of her dedication to our needs, but consistent with her attention to the success of the Tour for all participants. Alexandria extension was equally well arranged and for me an enjoyable add-on at the end. The Alex. guide was great, just not up to Eman's sky-high standard but no-one can be expected to match that! With my sincere thanks for a most enjoyable holiday and start to the New Year. I am recommending Nile travel to all my friends who've been inspired by my photos and account to visit Egypt. With best wishes for 2008.

Howard Smith

Hi Kim. What can I say………………………The trip was ABSOLUTELY AWESOME - WOW. I do not have words to describe it but I wish to thank you for making our trip most memorable. Eman was the best and most professional guide we’ve ever encountered. She really is one in a million. She tried her best to get Graeme & I hitched in Egypt. Graeme & I are def thinking of going back to do the desert safari later when our work schedules permit. Will keep you posted. I can sit here and rave about it the whole day……………………THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

Regards Nikky Mathews

Hi Kim. I  have been meaning to email you ever since I got back to SA but have just not gotten around to it.  I saw Jane last night and after all our reminiscing I have finally made time. I can only say thanks to you for a holiday of a lifetime.  It was absolutely all I had hoped for and believe me if I am asked who to travel to Egypt with, there is only one name I will mention! Thanks again for all you attention to details, surprises and a thoroughly comprehensive tour. I must say that as soon as I was out of your care I behaved badly.  I hope you will keep us posted once you get a South American tour up and running ! All the best for the New Year and thanks again for a wonderful holiday, keep on doing what you do so well!

Kind regards Cathy Davies

Hi Kim. We are back in SA and had a really great holiday. Thank you so much for all your efforts, we really appreciate it. Everything ran really smoothly apart from our boarding the ferry which turned into a bit of a fiasco . The only other disappointment was that the girls could not have the spa treatment as they were under 18 but we managed to organise something for them and they got the mud wrap at the dermatological treatment centre not the Spa. There was a really nice Jordanian doctor there who was very friendly and helpful and Rob sorted that out for them. So all in all your organization was tremendous, everything worked very well, the people were so nice and so helpful and we had a perfect holiday. I will write a bit more detailed account at a later date when I have caught up at work just fyi but we were so happy with your arrangements and will recommend you to all our friends. I just wanted to comment though on the people we encountered on all the official business side of things – reps, guides etc. They are all the most efficient, friendly, organised people out and made our trip run so smoothly that we just did not have to worry about a thing. The one person in particular I would like to commend is Ed Haddad in Jordan. He is the friendliest most informed and professional guide out and gave us a really ‘value added’ experience. Nothing was too much trouble for him and he was so patient with our 1001 questions (even though he probably thought some of them were ill informed!) He was also so good with the girls and very kindly made them DVD’s of Jordanian music to listen to and spent time trying to find things that might interest them. He even took time to schlep us around a mall when we had some time to kill so that the girls got a feel of life for young people there. He also very kindly did not laugh at us when we got off the ferry and were so ravenous that McDonalds sounded like manna from heaven. (I can tell you it came close as we had missed lunch and supper!) It was our only real venture into western food because the food at all the hotels etc was superb as our clothing will testify to. We are bursting at the seams and have been forced to instil austerity measures. Thank you very much for a great holiday. Your organization was tremendous and the helpful hints really added to our good experience.

Regards Megan

Hi Kim, We arrived back last week after what I can honestly say is one of the best overseas trips we have ever experienced. Your arrangements were superb we felt like we were a king and queen being so well looked after. The reps were fantastic we didn’t have to worry about anything everything was taken care of. The tour guides in both Cairo and Luxor were outstanding!!! So informative and more importantly nice people. Your choice of hotels were fabulous and we can’t wait to plan our next trip…… Maybe to Turkey with you. You really have  opened my eyes to the way we enjoy to travel and I can only wish that we could find agents as well organized and professional as you for other destinations in the world. Please send my regards to your reps in Egypt and in particular please tell them that the two tour guides were amazing we couldn’t have asked for better. We will definitely be going back to Egypt sometime soon and I will certainly contact you to make arrangements. Thank you Kim from the bottom of our hearts for an unforgettable experience. PS We went on the hot air balloon ride in Luxor and it was breathtaking, I am so glad we decided to go.

Leigh Daniel

Dear Kim, Mal & I got home mid-afternoon on Friday after a fantastic holiday. Many thanks for your A 1 organisation which was exemplary from the time of our first enquiry, to the excellent "package" which accompanied our tickets, the hour-long briefing, the SMS we received just before boarding the Egypt Air flight in Joburg and the prompt response to my question about tipping while we were there. The cruiser was outstanding - big enough to have all the amenities one would want yet small enough to be friendly. The only drawback (totally out of anyone's control) was the over-abundance of Spanish-speaking people, mostly from Argentina.) Fortunately we managed to get friendly with a small group of Canadians. We were allocated the only suite on the Amarante! Absolute luxury but not really enough time to enjoy it. The Sound & Light at Abu Simbel was fantastic and all the guides agreed with you that it was the best in the country. The Seti 1 Hotel too was pretty good and our room overlooked Lake Nasser. The four days at Ain Soukhna was a good plan as, although we are both fit, we were pretty tired and almost "templed-out" after the first week! All in all a wonderful trip for which we owe you many thanks. Unfortunately we can now only afford bread and water (OUT OF A TAP!!!!) If you would ever like to use us as a reference to help sell future trips please fell free to give anyone our email address.

Kind Regards - and enjoy your next trip to Egypt which we understand is imminent.

It was fantastic!!!!!!  Nile Tours is by the far, the BEST tour Ruth and I have ever taken and if you have anyone interested in going to Egypt, I would highly recommend this agency over Trafalgar, Insight or whatever. All hotels were beautiful five star places with "view" rooms; our boat was very "posh"; and we never had to worry about getting our own luggage at airports. The Egyptologist was unbelievably knowledgeable - she has toured Bill Clinton and the King of Morocco and in her "off times" she has worked with world famous Egyptologists on digs. She actually got us into a dig at Karnak Temple in Luxor - that was a real highlight, let me tell you. More importantly, there were no surprise "extras" as all was included in the package price, so we did things that other tours would not have done (our camel rides, henna tattooing, felucca ride)was all included.  In fact, a couple of times, our itinerary said "lunch on own" and Kim even picked up the cost of those lunches too!!!!  Anyway, we all agreed, it was a wonderful trip and we were so glad that we had done it (with Kim). So as you can see, the trip was a great success.  If you want to know more about Nile Travel, please contact Kim Lings (it is her agency).  Apparently Kim is now going to be doing tours in Turkey and in Peru, so we might be going off with her again in the future. Well, thanks again for your contribution to this trip. 

We will be in touch again. Pat

Hi Kim, I just sent you a copy of a note that I sent our travel agent - she always checks up on things when we travel, so hopefully she will check out your web site for future customers. Our "little group" would like to thank you for one of the best holidays we have ever had.  For those of us who have travelled before, your tour far outshines anything else we have ever done - and for those first time travellers from our group, I am afraid you have spoiled them to the point that they may expect such service on future travelling adventures. Looking back at our pictures, we realize now just how much we saw and how much we learned from Eman.  We had a wonderful time and a few of us would very much like to travel with you again!! Well again, thank you so much for all your hard work in making this a really memorable trip. Please keep in touch - we would be very interested in any future trips.  

Group of 8 from Canada