Client Testimonials

We asked some of our regular clients : “Why do you use Nile Travel?”

Our relationship with Kim Lings and Nile Travel started in 2006 when we considered various options to tour Egypt. Due to certain physical limitations we wanted to know whether we would cope with the tour and that, as part of a group, we would impede the progress of others. Of all the agencies we spoke to, Kim with her personal experience and knowledge of Egypt, gave us the most satisfactory answers and said that she was confident that we would have few, if any problems. We had no difficulty in choosing Nile Travel as our agent and we were happy that we did so.

It is now twelve years later, covering some 19 countries and many of our travel dreams and hopes have been realised. The Giza Pyramids, Petra, Machu Picchu, Taj Mahal, Great Wall of China and Angkor Wat, to name a few, have been ticked off our “Bucket List”. We have slept under the stars in the Sahara, stayed in a cave hotel in Cappadocia and clambered up steep steps to reach Intihuatana in Machu Picchu. None of this would have been achieved without the excellent planning and attention to detail by Nile Travel.

Thinking back to our reservations about physical limitations we can now confidently ask - “what limitations?”

Thanks you Kim and Nile Travel, you are our dream converter and we have no hesitation in recommending Nile Travel to anyone who wishes to travel abroad.

Yours in pursuit of wonders,

Grahame & Cathy Wiggill  

In 2005 I met Kim Lings for the first time when she arranged a Spiritual Tour to Egypt on my behalf which included my group of approximately 30 people. Fast forward to 2015 and Kim and I are planning my itinerary for my upcoming Spiritual Tours for 2016 and 2017! Kim has become a trustworthy and loyal friend over the years and my clients who regularly travel with me have formed a bond with her too due to her highly competent, warm and efficient way of dealing with all inquiries and travel arrangements. My groups range from 12 - 40 people and Kim has managed all size groups for me with ease, integrity and transparency. Kim always goes out of her to way accommodate all my clients weird and wonderful needs, eating preferences etc. In the 10 years Kim has been working with me at this level she has arranged 8 trips to Sacred Sites and Ancient Ruins in Egypt for me as well as Russia, Turkey, India, Bhutan, Greece, Peru, Israel twice, Jordan twice, Vietnam, Cambodia and Bali. The quality of accommodation, transport and guides in each country is of high calibre and our experiences are always rich, filled with many extraordinary memory-making moments and adventures. Thank you Kim for the immaculate effort you always make to keep myself and my clients so happy and coming back for more! Kim is arranging Spiritual Tours for us to Romania & Hungary and Morroco for 2016 and another adventure to Peru in 2017 as well as Myanmar.

Michelle Manders 

We are regular clients of Nile Travel because you always go beyond the call of duty. You are completely reliable and we know that even if something goes wrong (which does happen on holidays) we can rely on you to help us sort it out. You also have a great attention to detail and anticipate any possible problems before they happen. We greatly value the personal service and appreciate the time you take to understand what it is we want and then deliver it. You also take the time to see us personally when you hand over our final tickets and itineraries which makes us feel like valued customers. We have built a relationship over the years and  always feel like you are part of our team when we are planning holidays and you offer the best advice for a great holiday. Your personal experience counts for a lot. We hope to have many more years of travelling together.


Megan Coupethwaite

We consider ourselves extremely lucky to have found Nile Travel in 2010,   when we were looking to do a tour of Egypt and Jordan.  Before even leaving on the trip, we were inspired by Kim’s professionalism and organisational skills.  The trip proved that we were right – we had an unforgettable journey.  Kim was always on hand to provide a personal service and to make sure all the arrangements went off smoothly.  Nothing was ever too much to ask.   Since then, we have used Kim to make all our travel arrangements.  We have had some really tough moments in our travels, such as being stuck in Ushuaie at the bottom of South America a couple of days before Christmas.  No problem to Kim, she sorted us out in a jiffy and we were on our way back home.  In 2014 we went on another trip with Nile Travel to South East Asia.  We had a busy itinerary and again, everything was handled with the utmost professionalism and personal service.   Yet another unforgettable experience.   What makes the difference between Nile Travel and the rest?   Kim has personally been to all the places where Nile Travel  operates, so there is nothing anyone can teach Kim about travel.  Kim has travel down to a fine art.

Lindsay & Leo van der Wiele, Hilary Wilton

We are regular clients of Nile Travel. Nile Travel is a truly professional service provided which ensures that travelling even to remote parts of the world is an awesome experience. Our travels have thus been stress free as Nile Travel organizes everything and attends to details leaving us to enjoy the experience. I particularly enjoy the small groups as one is not lost in the masses and every individuals needs can thus be met. In addition, ample free time is organized to do your own thing.

Nile Travel selects very good quality accommodation, returning to your hotel after a full and busy day is something to look forward to. Optional extras ( as far as possible)  are included in the travel cost and Nile Travel takes care of gratuities (what a pleasure).

Nile Travel makes sure that the must see sights are visited, but also makes sure that we see and do the extras that " normal " tourists do not get to experience. I enjoy the balance between cultural experiences, getting to really " live" the people and shopping. Nile Travel investigates the destination, either by visiting it or doing the research to ensure that what there is to see is in fact visited.

I just love travelling with Kim as a person, but I do know we are fortunate to be able to do that as I know Kim cannot accompany all her clients!

Dina Taljaard

For the past 8 years we have done all our travelling arrangements and bookings through Nile Travel. During this time we have only received excellent advice and service. This has been especially important when we have had to ask Nile Travel to rearrange our travel itineraries due to unexpected strikes and cancellations.

We wholeheartedly recommend Nile Travel to anyone wishing to travel.

Laszlo & Marianna Boksan

I use Nile Travel because the tours are very well researched, which results in all the important and interesting places and events being visited. The tours are extremely well organised and the tour guides are carefully selected. Accommodation is excellent, and the tours are good value for money.

Pieter Taljaard